5 Games With The Best Artistic

5 Games With The Best Artistic

5 Games With The Best Artistic, game has many aspects that can be a selling point. There are games that sell gameplay , stories, music, and there are also games that sell quality graphics. Graphic quality as something that is the initial impression from the time a new game is announced is certainly a very important thing. But graphic quality is not only determined by technical things. 5 Games With The Best Artistic many games are also starting to innovate by displaying graphics with amazingly beautiful art quality.

On this occasion, I will present a list of games with the most beautiful and artful graphics. Also, keep in mind that, despite their excellent graphic quality, many of the games I’ve listed below have higher selling points in other areas. So, don’t hesitate to try the games below.

5 Games With The Best Artistic
5 Games With The Best Artistic

Without further ado, here’s a list of Games With The Best Artistic Visuals according to Games in Asia.

  1. Braid
    This platformer game by Jonathan Blow was released for Xbox 360 in 2008, and later got PC and PS3 versions. This game is arguably one of the games that triggered the development of indie games to become as fast as they are now. Braid is famous for its gameplay with puzzles that really make players think, mysterious stories that have various meanings, captivating music, and of course very beautiful graphics.

    All illustrations in this game are done by David Hellman, a webcomic illustrator whose work you can check here . Blow created the entire level design from Braid using makeshift placeholder assets and asked Hellman to redraw the assets as we know the final result. For an indie game that is usually developed at a low cost, Blow spent more than US$100,000 (around 1 billion rupiah) on all illustrations and assets in Braid .
    The results of these sacrifices proved to be repaid many times over. Braid managed to achieve success after its release and became one of the best indie games to date. Currently Blow is working on The Witness , a game that has amazingly beautiful graphics too but in 3D.

  2. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchAnime fans are certainly familiar with Studio Ghibli, an anime studio that has produced quality anime too many times that even became the first anime to win an Oscar beating western animation. Through this game, Studio Ghibli collaborated with Level-5 to produce a phenomenal RPG that really brings a breath of fresh air to this genre.

    Ni no Kuni is an RPG game released for the NDS and PS3, but unfortunately the NDS version of this game was never available in English. Fortunately, the PS3 version can make up for the void of the NDS version with the incredible quality this version has.

    As a form of collaboration with Studio Ghibli, the story, audio, and visual affairs of this game are handled by Studio Ghibli. This makes playing Ni no Kuni feel like playing a movie from Studio Ghibli. Not only does the art direction seem very Ghibli, the cel-shading graphics of this game also really make Ni no Kuni look like a playable anime.

  3. Okami

    This game from Capcom is a game that was released two generations ago, namely the PS2 generation. Although released for the PS2, this game has graphics that can compete with modern games for the latest generation of consoles. In Okami , gamers will play as Amaterasu, the sun god who took the form of a white wolf to save Japan from the curse spread by the evil monster, Orochi.

    Many of the stories of Okami are taken from traditional Japanese tales and Shinto beliefs. Not only is the story inspired by traditional Japanese culture, the graphics in this game also look like a traditional Japanese painting called sumi-e . The gameplay of this game is also closely related to Japanese painting, for example, an ability called the Celestial Brush where players can issue skills by painting certain symbols on the screen.

    Okami was released in 2006 for the PS2 and then released for the Wii. In 2012 this game also got an HD version released for PS3. This HD version further emphasizes the visual beauty of Okami.

  4. Valkyria Chronicles

    Valkyria Chronicles is a Tactical RPG game released by Sega for the PS3 console. This game has a story in a fictional world with a setting similar to the early eras of World War II in Europe. The gameplay of this game is a combination of real-time strategy , third-person shooter , and RPG.

    The graphics of this game series are phenomenal as they look similar to a watercolor painting. Valkyria Chronicles was made using an engine made by Sega called the CANVAS engine . Unfortunately, despite having the same graphic style as its predecessor, the sequel to this game is less popular than the first game.

    The game setting is full of European-style architecture from the 30’s, the environment looks colorful , and the drawing style that looks like a watercolor painting makes Valkyria Chronicles one of the most visually stunning games on PS3. This game even received recognition from the Guinness World of Records as the best Strategy RPG game for PS3.

  5. Jet Set Radio

    By today’s standards, the Jet Set Radio might not look very appealing. But the reason I included this funky game in the list of games with artful graphics is because Jet Set Radio was a pioneer of the cel-shading graphic style in video games. The game was first released for the Dreamcast in 2000.

    Not only cool graphics, the image style of Jet Set Radio is also quite closely related to the gameplay and story in the game that carries the graffiti theme. In this game you will control your character who uses a roller blade around the city while spreading graffiti in predetermined places. After Jet Set Radio appeared with very attractive cel-shading graphics , the game world began to be filled with cool graphic games based on cel-shading .

    Even though Dreamcast died more than 10 years ago, you can still enjoy this game through any available mobile or HD port . The HD version of the game is available for PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. As for the mobile version, you can play this game on iOS or Android .